Thermal Imaging on the Mornington Peninsula

Many fires in industrial and commercial establishments are caused by faulty electrical components.

Thermographic imaging allows you to locate deteriorating components prior to failure.

By including thermographic imaging as part of your companies ongoing maintenance program you can see that the various electrical and mechanical components in your work environment are operating within the temperature parameters they were designed for.

It allows to make repairs before breakdowns or fire due to deterioration of electrical or mechanical parts cost your business because of loss of production and costly repairs.

Electrician doing thermal imaging on the Mornington Peninsula

Thermal Imaging & Heat Detection Applications and Specifications

All thermal faults are presented in an easy to understand report along with recommendation for action to be taken.  Click here to download report.

The camera we use is the R28+ which utilises the latest technology to provide

  • High resolution detector, superior image quality
  • Large 4″ screen PLUS viewfinder
  • 30 seconds of voice recording and visual imaging
  • Intuitive user interface and easy operation
  • Real time radiometric recording and image storage
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for user comfort
  • Fast and easy image download and report generation
  • Ability to capture temperatures from -20 deg C to 1500 deg C
Thermal imaging camera



Professional Thermography

With its high resolution and wide range of features, the IR 928 is able to handle just about any situation, making it an ideal choice for use in a range of industries including electrical, mechanical, pipework and insulation.


Power & Utilities

The high level of thermal sensitivity and superior resolution in the IR 928 make it a perfect camera for use in power generation and utilities applications. You can use this camera with confidence when looking at small components at a distance.

Process Control

With RS232 output the IR 928 can be remotely controlled for process control applications. Plus, the auto alarm feature can alert you to “above spec” temperatures as they occur.



Building Inspection

The IR 928’s impressive level of resolution and thermal sensitivity, makes it an economical choice when looking to detect small temperature variations over large areas.